About Charles

Thanks for stopping by, the quest to an abundant health has always been the quest for many people. Despite towing various paths in life, I am always re-directed back to this chosen path of health freedom. The deep-rooted quest and passion to educate and help humanity to trace our steps back to nature’s way of eating, dieting, healing and harmonizing the organs of the human body towards self restoration and abundant health, has been alive in me for more than two decades. I’m so confident of your utmost satisfaction, as you relate with the content on this site. The articles and the products will ever remain among the best in the Natural Health world.

A short story about my journey to Natural Health

I have been a Natural Health Enthusiast and Researcher for more than 10 years. With two University degrees, research papers, and various certifications. I have vast research network across Europe and North America. The core of my being is passionate and dedicated to studying and bringing to the limelight natural and alternative means of solving diseases plaguing humankind.


Moving to Canada few years ago, I realized that Obesity is almost becoming a societal epidemic in North America. It is a been established that complex biochemical and physiological reactions in the body results in weight gain and body fat accumulation. It grieves my heart daily to realize that most people are not well orientated about their choice of foods and diets. Excess fat is an onset of various illnesses and diseases in the body. I have been educating and affecting lives of many people positively as regards their health and appropriate food and herbs choice for their body type. After much persuasion not to limit my knowledge and passion too few, that is one of the reason I’m going global to help, support as many people that comes across this site to live a healthy life, starting with you achieving your dream body.

The New Game

Her dream body site will be dedicated to you so that you can achieve your dream body. We are going to be using the holistic approach, analyzing various factors that can lead to weight gain and how natural and alternative methods can be of help without unnecessary invasive surgery. We want to be known as the encyclopedia of effective weight loss management center.

To your Abundant Health

Charles Prince